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As some of you by now aware, the SEIU is trying to organize non-tenure track faculty at the U of R, where I work. I am a non-tenure track faculty member and am very pleased with my situation.

On a pleasant spring day, a random dude stalked me in my classrooms … twice … to tell me about the organizing campaign. Little did I know that by the mere act of him stalking me in my place of work, my rights would be seriously diminished. I initially signed the union card because (1) I wanted to vote in the union election, and it was not at all clear to me what the procedures for forming and voting were, and who or what would be covered, and (2) I wanted to be as informed as possible as this process and propaganda campaign would inevitably kick in.

My first “meeting” with Joe Holt from the SEIU was him stalking me in a micro class I was teaching, and as I was rushing off to another class, I agreed to sign the piece of paper he was wielding. It was no different than any petition of interest any number of people stick in your face on any particular day. When he questioned about “whether I support my colleagues” in their efforts to form a union, I of course said, “sure!” let them do what they want to do. Little did I know that this was supposed to be code word for, “I will vote yes in favor of a union and I want to be a part of it myself.” Who knew. In any case, after a few days I quite honestly did not even remember thus guy coming up to me, I really treated it like any other accosting that happens on campuses and doorsteps.

Until another one of the organizers again showed up in my classroom.

How would you like it if I randomly showed up at your place of work, and by the mere act of me, uninvited, being there, already sends you down the rathole of employment hell?

So, that is how it all began. Here is the email correspondence that occurred soon thereafter:


Also, don’t you love, “it’s Joe from YOUR union.” Nice! And how about an all expenses paid trip to Detroit. Who pays for that? Oh, yes, unsuspecting faculty members’ union dues.

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