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In response to the initial exchange, I followed up:



And this is the first and last time I ever got any real answers to any real questions, and what a doozy, an unexpected one:


So, does anyone better versed in labor law understand if these tactics are illegal? What we are talking about is imposing a union on ALL contingent faculty members, but the union drive is targeting only people in favor? If it is not technically illegal, it is entirely shady and undermines any notion of legitimacy such a drive may have had.

How would Bernie Sanders supporters feel if we systemically figured out a way to prevent any of their votes to count and only ensure that Hillary’s votes count? “We don’t want to have an election for president where Clinton would lose, so all of the votes are from people who would vote in favor of Clinton in an election.”

And the hilarity of all of this is that the “pro-union” (that’s not what they are, they do not know what that term even means) folks celebrate their movement as being about democracy and empowering people?

Down the rabbit hole we go.


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