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  1. Robert Lucas seems to lend additional support for the “Skill-Biased Technical Change” argument for why measured income inequality has increased.
  2. Can competitive fiat currency competition produce stable prices? It is neat to see this conversation happening again, it’s been relatively dormant for some time.
  3. We need an Uber for moving.
  4. Efficient cheating? How about we just eliminate the tests entirely?
  5. He  (serendipitously) said it: “We find that faculty with higher pay and greater research productivity are less supportive of unionization, even after controlling for job title and department.  Attitudes matter as well:  after accounting for pay and productivity, faculty in fields documented elsewhere to have more politically liberal participants are more likely to support unionization.” For those at home needing a translation, unproductive progressives want unions. I, of course, am an unproductive something else.
  6. A well-articulated paper on coal externalities that includes study of both negative and positive spillovers. Well done. 
  7. The Fed bailing out the Commercial Paper market was a good idea.
  8. So, does aid now increase growth?

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