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It looks like this entire union thing was started by …

… students.


I dug through my old emails to find that one. A student of mine had asked that question, innocently enough, back in October and I never gave it much thought. Until I received a note recently that included:


So, do any readers familiar with labor law know:

(1) Whether students can initiate an organizing campaign on behalf of faculty?

(2) How I would be able to secure the list of people that the union and students are targeting? I have asked several times both the SEIU rep and the students and they refuse to answer. I know that neither my university nor the NLRB actually has such a list.

One Response to “SEIU Update, “Well, That’s About as Shocking as Seeing a Pigeon in a Park””

  1. Mike says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m following this with interest.

    I was kicked off a union job site a long time ago and I’m still pissed about them messing with my ability to earn a living.

    I have your blog in my Feedly feed, so I don’t traffic the blog directly very often.

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