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  1. To appreciate the state of the “debate”, replace every use of the term “climate change” in a debate with “Genetically Modified Organisms.”
  2. If an economist dares to speak on climate change, lighting bolts will descend upon her from the heavens and the fires of Hades will engulf her from below
  3. If you see the word consensus, you are almost surely going to be hearing about a position that is not in debate, even among hardened skeptics. The word has become a useless cudgel.
  4. In a game pitting people’s preferences to worry about “Anything else important” vs. “climate” … climate is going to lose, even when it ought not to
  5. The environment is suffering because of climate change, in more ways than one
  6. Perhaps we can sum it all up with the usual, Climate is not about climate

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