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August 31, 2010 Institutions

Megan McArdle commenting on how “natural” polyamory is (as some evolutionary biologists exclaim):

Rape seems to be pretty “natural”, but I’d still like to build social institutions that fight this “natural instinct”.

I don’t have any nits to pick on the topic of monogamy, I am thinking, rather, of how one can apply Megan’s thought to other “natural” things. Being an environmental economist that seems to be a pretty helpful thought. More to come.

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  1. Whenever people wax poetic about the wonders of things that are natural, I like to remind them of some of nature’s other wonders that I’m not a fan of:
    – botulism
    – staph/strep
    – cyanide
    – hurricanes
    – etc.

  2. Today’s posts have me ROTFL. Especially Speedmaster’s etc.

    We as regular readers, know what etc. means, perfeesser.

    Hey, polyamory, rape — what’s the problem? Don’t be so judgemental! (!!!!!)

    Meanwhile, thanks to speedmaster and the aptly named wc.

  3. It seems pretty natural for my daughter to remove her dirty diaper and smear it on the walls. This day in age, I might be yelled at for discouraging her “natural” artistic talent.

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