May 22, 2012 Classical Liberalism

Here are a few of the folks from our student organization at our graduation. From left to right they are Julia, Jason, Ryan, Vinit, Dana, Matt, Wintercow (in his Cornellian Red), Alex, Jason, Joey, Scott and Amanda.

As I’ve told my students, the only reason I put myself through five years of grad school is so I can walk around like an Elf at graduation in that ridiculous gown.

"7" Comments
  1. Go Big Red. A great picture. Go, Mike!

  2. I like the Spanish Inquisiton hat. Did you wear it when grading papers?

  3. I noticed no one is holding a disposable plastic water bottle.

  4. Speedmaster, those Cornell robes have an inside pocket, but Wintercow has to expose his garters to get at it.

  5. That is one great group of young men and women.

    Wintercow is smiling for them. Who cannot be deeply touched by a picture of them?

  6. You need pointed shoes with little bells.

  7. Doesn’t look right without bare trees, ice, and mounds of snow.

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